April 19, 2020

Choosing Make Up For Your Wedding Day!

Chic Events by Sonia interviewed the beautiful Shirley Wu from 'Beauty Concept Officials' with make up and beauty tips to look beautiful and be stress free on your wedding day. Here are some FAQ's:

When to book a trial? Should a trial be done before booking or after once I have my outfit?

Depends on comfort level of bride with the artist, trial can be done after she has received the bridal outfit (can always meet or have consultation first prior to booking). Trial should be booked at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to wedding date or as soon as bride has the outfit.

Do you recommend air Brush or regular make up? What is better?

Will depend on bride's skin type and preference airbrush provides a more natural and flawless finish, benefit more for those who has oily, sensitive skin and acne prone for those who like more 3D or heavier makeup look, than regular makeup would be better

Should I do multiple trials with other companies to compare the best look?

Bride can take advantage of social media and narrow down choices and go in for consultation first then decide accordingly if trials are required to help in the decision.

Should I do a trial once I have my outfit?

Start with consultation with the outfit and if it's helpful, should proceed with a trial

How do I know if you can do the style of make up/look that I am looking for?

Good starting is to have a face to face consultation to show (via screenshots / pics) what style you like can discuss various aspects of the look/style and how it fits within your vision and utilize my experience to help achieve it.

How do I keep my make up fresh for the whole day?

To help keep your makeup fresh the whole day, it starts before the wedding day - meaning proper skincare regimen, facial treatments, healthier lifestyle to balance your body pH, these will help minimize oxidation of your makeup on wedding day, try to avoid being in direct sunlight, in humid condition, stay hydrated and ensure to have enough sleep the night before, also have a touch up kit handy (like lipstick, blotting paper, and translucent powder)

How long will my make up last?

A good makeup application should last you 12-15 hours we have brides that let us know that their makeup last through the day and into the night some even wish they can keep it on when they go to sleep, they feel sad to wash it off :-)

How much time should be allocated the morning of my wedding for hair and make up?

it varies with different artists, but should be between 2 and half hours, and up to 3 and half hours.

What products do you use?

We use different brands (such as Anastasia, Morphie, Huda Beauty, Motives, Urban Decay, Dior, etc) and our own in house brand.

How do I know what hairstyle will look good on me?

We'll start with going over your preferences and then with my expertise, will recommend based on your outfit style, face shape, and hair texture

Can you duplicate a make up look from a picture in a magazine?

Yes, any look can be duplicated; however, depending on your facial features and skin type, some adjustments may be required to suit you, for example, if the makeup look in the magazine is soft and dewy and the bride's skin has texture and oily, the look would not be appropriate and adjustments would need to be made.

How would you describe your style of make up?

I would describe my style of makeup as timeless elegance. I am very versatile as well in achieving any look or style required for any occasion and mood.

One tip for brides?

I've provided three!

Chic Events by Sonia