March 4, 2019

How To Choose Your Wedding Cake?

Chic Events interviewed the amazing and talented Christina from the Cocoa Cakery!

Here are FAQ’s when choosing your wedding cake:

When should I order my cake?

You need to give at least 4-6 months for off season weddings, and 8-12 months for high season. It's good to have your main theme planned, colours and look decided before you book your cake, as it pulls those details together.

What do wedding cakes cost?

They very much vary depending on detail & serving number. Most cake artists work with a $/serving cost, ranging anywhere from $5-15/serving. Of course your location and city will dictate some of this price as well as the intricacy of your cake and the size.

How many tiers are needed for 500 guests? 1000 guests?

Everyone builds their cakes a little differently, however if you're starting with 20" base because of the high volume of cake needed, you should be able to do 6 tiers for the 500 guests, and 9 tiers for the 1000 guests. Of course this can be scaled to more or less based on the design you're looking for.

How do I choose the flavours?

Every cake artist has their list of personal favourites and what they offer. It's usually best to stick to what they have on their menu, altering it means you might be asking a cake artist to work with a type of cake they're not as familiar with and can change the consistency of their product. Trust your vendors and pick a vendor that has the flavours and looks you're going for. I offer each tier, which has 3 layers of cake, a combination of flavours. For example, chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla with Baileys buttercream. Then those flavours are repeated on all the tiers. It offers your guest a beautiful trio of cake flavours and ensures that no matter what tier is served, your guests are getting what you chose for them.

Fondant or no fondant?

Oh the debate of the century (in the cake world at least!) I like fondant for certain applications, marbling, painting and appliques. It does give a certain polished look. However there is so much that can be done with buttercream, and the styles have become very popular. Long gone are the old school unattrative piped buttercream cakes. I also believe that people are more drawn to the buttercream cakes (your guests) and are more likely to eat the cake that you just paid for! I'm team buttercream. But I make many of both kinds throughout the season.

How much do I save if I want a fake tier?

That really depends on the design that's happening on that faux tier. If you're just adding a riser (a short tier 1-2", and usually fake) to add some height and visual difference, the cost is minimal. However, if the fake tier is the same tier that has intricate piping, lace or covered in sugar flowers, the price won't be much different as the cost comes in the labour.

Whats the trend of 2019?

Metallics, Geometrics, Exposed (semi-naked) and buttercream are all still quite hot this year. Along with lots of greenery and personalized sweet items for guests.

How much cake do I need for 500 guests?

What if I have other desserts? I always suggest 50-70% of your guest list in cake, unless you're serving it AS dessert, in which case you had better have 500+ servings. Otherwise, a cake serving 250 would still be 5-6 tiers tall, a beautiful centerpiece and you can compliment it with a sweet table of your favourite things, hand painted sugar cookies, macarons, traditional sweets etc.

One tip for brides.

Pick what YOU love. Don't fall trap to a trend that you're not in love with, you want to look back at your wedding pictures and love what you chose, not feel that you got ripped off with a trend you didn't like or picked a cake that looked good and tasted awful. Additionally, follow your vendors on Instagram and social media, see what they're posting regularly and if it lines up with what they show off as their work. What does their regular week to week work look like compared to what they have in magazines? Consistency is key! Find that vendor that creates cakes you like! Don't show them work from someone else and have them copy it unless you're willing to go to that other vendor. Cake artistry is a craft and you need to ask the right person for the right job. Lastly, ENJOY it!! It's meant to be a sweet experience that you'll treasure on your day.

Happy Planning,

Chic Events by Sonia