February 19, 2019

Wedding Tips When Shopping For Your Bridal Gown!

We interviewed leading fashion designer in Toronto Mani Jassal and asked her FAQs when shopping for your dream bridal gown! Watch the interview and see below for FAQs that may help you!

How far in advance should I start shopping for a gown and when should I order by?

I recommend brides start shopping for their outfits 5-6 months in advance. They should place their order 4-5 months in advance.  

Who should I bring with me to look at my bridal outfit? (How many people)?

I recommend keeping your group as small as possible and only bringing your closest friends and family. Ideally 2 people is more than enough. I find that when brides bring more people they actually end up leaving more overwhelmed than when they came in because of all of the opinions that were being thrown at them.

How many fittings do I need ?

If you are purchasing 4-5 months in advance than 2-3 fittings is more than enough. It all depends on the bride and if she is fluctuating in weight. Most of our pieces are ready to purchase so it really is just a one fitting if the bride needed alterations.

How do I choose the right silhouette for me? And colour?

Do your research. I recommend going around trying on different silhouettes, and choosing the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. I feel like a lot of brides already know what they want for their big day because they have been planning this day for their entire life. Once you start experimenting with different styles, we'll know the right fit for you based on how you react to the piece and how your energy changes.

What if designs or trends change?

If you are purchasing your piece 5-6 months in advance trends are usually pretty consistent through out the same year.

How would you describe your style?  

Comfortable and Chill

Trend of 2019?  

Ruffles, light weight fabrics like organzas and slit skirts.One tip for brides Stay true to yourself. You will have many people telling you what to wear, but remember who you are , and who you want to be as a bride.

Happy Planning!